Five Benefits Of Having Gutters On Your Home

If you own a home, having it functioning at an optimal level is the highest priority. You may not realize it, but water is one of the most destructive forces of nature. If not controlled properly, it can lead to significant damage to your property. There are many things you can do to protect your house, including installing a gutter system.

If you’ve ever thought about why you need gutters, this helpful guide will give you a few reasons why they are an essential investment.

1. Protect Your Roofing System

The average price to replace a roof can be more than $8,000. With that information in mind, it’s critical to make sure your roof lasts as long as possible. Without gutters, rainwater can slowly deteriorate your roof, causing it to age prematurely. Also, you may have seen ugly algae and mold streaks on roofs caused by sitting water. That’s an additional expense that you would need to spend to get your roof professionally cleaned.

2. Keep Your Landscape Protected

Not only do you need to worry about the home itself, but your surrounding landscape can also get damaged, even when it doesn’t rain that hard. Without a proper flow of rainwater from the gutters, entire sections can get washed away. Not only will this be an unsightly appearance, but you’ll have to spend more money to replace damaged vegetation. On the other hand, if you have correctly installed gutters, even the most brutal rainstorms won’t damage the surrounding property.

3. Modern Gutters Are Easy To Maintain

As technology continues to improve, newly installed gutters are easier than ever to maintain and keep clean. One such example is using the K-Guard Gutter System. One of the main aspects of proper gutter maintenance is ensuring they don’t get clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris. With the ability to have a system that virtually maintains itself, more people consider gutters because they don’t want the hassle of either cleaning them alone or having the expense of hiring someone to do it.

Gutters can last for at least 10-15 years if you take care of them properly.  However, clogged gutters are also a reason for premature rotting or unwelcome pests like mosquitoes.

4. Gutters Can Dramatically Enhance Curb Appeal

Most people think of gutters as protection from the destructive force of water. However, gutters provide an aesthetic element that helps your home stand out in the neighborhood. When you decide to install gutters, you can personalize them. These options include:

  • Different colors or materials (i.e., white, brown, copper, metal, aluminum)
  • Designs and sizes (half-round, K-Style)
  • Additional accessories that complement the home

5. Gutters Help Improve The Value Of Your Property 

Homeowners want to maximize the value of their house when it comes time to sell. One such aspect is a professional gutter installation. Gutters can be one of the first things a potential buyer will notice about the exterior of your property.

Even with the way the housing market is right now, you can still achieve your asking price or even higher if you have a unique element like custom gutters. Buyers will see that as one less thing they need to do. Additionally, gutters can keep your insurance premiums lower because they are seen as an additional level of protection against water.

Why Gutters Are Worth The Investment 

When you’re considering gutters for your home, remember about the long-term benefits. Significant damage to your home’s foundation doesn’t happen over a few days. So realizing that gutters provide a cosmetic advantage that is also a superior protective element could save you thousands of dollars in unexpected property repairs.