3 Ways To Customize Your Home Windows

If eyes are the windows to the soul, your home’s windows are a peek into the soul of your home. Sure, they allow you to see out, bring your outdoors closer to your indoors, even provide necessary insulation, but your windows can be more than boring giant sheets of glass. Here are three ways you can customize your home windows so that they better reflect your unique style.

1. Window Grilles

Window grilles, or window grids, give your home a retro look. It used to be that grilles were always used to hold together smaller panes of glass in larger openings but now grids are decorative, giving the look of multiple panes even when it’s one big piece of glass. One of the nice things about modern grids is that you can place them between your double panes, so you’re insulated and cleaning the window is still easy.

If you’re looking for a Colonial or Arts and Crafts architectural feel, a grid can add the finishing touch to your exterior. For Colonial-style homes, white grids combined with dark shutters give a home a clean, stately feel. In an Arts and Crafts home wood grids over a third of the window in a heavy, natural wood frame completes the look.

2. Transom Windows

Another window style that complements Arts and Crafts architecture and a variety of other looks is the transom. You can certainly still add this horizontal window above doorways to add light without letting everyone see into your home. There are plenty of other places to add this feature. Try adding a transom to an existing interior doorframe to increase airflow between areas in your house while still offering privacy.

Transoms are no longer limited to horizontal rectangles, either. While they don’t open for ventilation you can install detailed glass that adds style to any home front. Look at stained glass or add a Georgian fanlight.

3. Glass Block

If you are looking for an Art Deco feel, go with light colors and glass blocks. You’ll give your home the feel of Miami Beach with these windows that can provide extensive natural light while still protecting your privacy. Glass blocks naturally provide a high level of insulation as well. Remember that you don’t want to use block where it will stand between you and amazing views.

The best option for you depends on your architectural style, views, privacy concerns and insulation needs.