5 Signs Your Home Might Have Termites

Most homeowners know what a termites are, but did you know that they live in nearly every state in America? Yes, that means your home is most likely in a termite zone. These tiny insects often hide in places you can’t see, but they leave behind evidence that they are there. Here are five signs that your home may need a professional termite inspection Fort Myers FL.

1. Dead Termites or Wings

Finding the body of one of these insects isn’t too common because they usually keep away from people. However, when an infestation is large enough, you may spot dead insects. Termites are similar in size to ants and are white or light brown in color, but they don’t have segmented bodies like ants do. As they mature, they have white wings, which are discarded before mating. If you aren’t sure if an insect you spot is an ant or termite, keep in mind that ants are not white.

2. Termite Swarms

These insects live in colonies, which means you may come across a large number of them at the same time. During the spring, termites leave the colony in search of a mate. This large number of insects leaving their nest is called a swarm. Sometimes this is the earliest sighting of termites, and it may mean that they haven’t started a colony at your home just yet. However, it could also be a sign that an existing nest in your home is growing.

3. Tubes of Mud

Subterranean termites prefer a damp environment, so they build tunnels out of mud. These structures are noticeable around the foundation of your house or other hard surfaces. The termites form tunnels between their food source and colony, so finding evidence of these tubes means they are nearby.

4. Bumps in the Floor or Wall

Termites live near the top of the wood’s surface, which can cause plywood or floor panels to swell. Sometimes this damage appears like a water leak because it causes the paint to bubble. If you inspect your home and find no evidence of water problems, termites are the next culprit to consider.

5. Termite Droppings

Termites are very clean animals. As they go through their tunnels, they move any dirt or droppings out of their way. This coffee or sawdust looking material is pushed out of the tunnels and begins to pile up. Looking for these piles is often one of the easiest signs of termites to spot.