5 Uses for Wall Hooks

Bet you never thought you’d read an entire article dedicated to wall hooks, huh? Well, don’t worry, we’ll make it fun.

Wall hooks aren’t only for hanging up the boring pictures you don’t really like anymore; they’re a versatile tool that can add great aesthetic value to your home.

Are you feeling dubious? Well, if you want your home to look awesome and you’re not using wall hooks to do it, it’s worth spending two minutes learning about all the remarkable tricks you can do with DIY wall hooks.

Read on for the alternative guide to home improvement with wall hooks.

1. Add an Artistic Twist to Pictures

Not only for picture hanging, but wall hooks can also be a part of the art display. Say you had a picture with a gold frame; you can paint your wall hook gold and hang the picture from a golden string.

Now, you have an artistically hung picture that uses the hook to add to the design of the display – before long, regular frames on the wall will look dull, and you’ll be doing it with all your pictures.

2. Keep Your Favourite Kitchen Tools Handy

No more rummaging around in drawers and overloaded cupboards; all you need to do is install wall hooks all around the kitchen.

Next, load them up with all your spatulas, big spoons, pans, and anything else you fancy. If it doesn’t have a hook to hang it from, a quick bit of DIY may be needed – add a small string, rubber band, or cable tie so that you can hang it from the wall hook.

3. A Place for Pernickety Wardrobe Items

Miscellaneous wardrobe items are notoriously easy to lose – we’re thinking belts, scarves, purses, tights, etc. Additionally, they’re annoying to store – you can’t dedicate an entire drawer to belts, can you?

Instead, save space and keep them handy by hanging them from a bedroom wall hook display.

4. Display Your Pride of Place Jewellery

Rather than letting them get dusty and tangled up in a jewelry box, why not hang your favorite earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from small wall hooks?

If you want to make it fancy, paint the wall hooks in a complementary color before mounting them on the wall. You want it to look gorgeous, so make sure to check out this single hook with wall fixings & build guide first.

5. Hide Those Straying Cables

There’s nothing worse than TV, laptop, fairy light, and ethernet cables straying around the room – a real eyesore. Using wall hooks, you can guide these cables to be precisely where you want them.

You can even put wall hooks around the skirting boards to keep them in the right place, and it’s a great way to make them look discreet.

Don’t Have Boring Wall Hooks: Make Them Fun

Now those are some serious wall hooks benefits; if you thought they were only for pictures, we hope you’ve learned something.

If you haven’t already searched for ‘wall hooks near me,’ that’s got to be your next step! It’s time to get inventive with your wall hooks.

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