A Fresh Coat of Paint: How to Hire the Best Paint Company

Searching for the best painting companies near me will likely get you plenty of results, but how do you know which one is truly the best paint company for you? Even though painting seems like a simple job, it can be dangerous when painting exteriors or interior rooms with high ceilings. You also want the finished job to look as close to perfect as possible, which means you need to find a highly experienced, qualified company.

Keep reading for tips on how to choose the best paint company for your job.

Look at What They Offer

Some paint companies specialize in a certain type of job. It might mainly focus on commercial properties, or it might be strictly a residential painting company. Some contractors might focus only on interior jobs while others primarily paint exteriors.

Look at the services offered by painting companies you’re considering. Ensure they offer what you need before doing additional research.

Explore Experience

Look for a painting company that’s been in business for at least a few years. You want a painting contractor with a successful track record in your community. A long tenure in your town means the painters have consistently completed painting jobs well and kept their clients happy.

Consider how many jobs like yours they’ve done. A company might offer a wide range of painting services, but if they don’t do a lot of jobs like yours, they might not provide the best results.

Verify Insurance

Always choose a fully insured residential painting company for your work. People who do painting work on the side might not have the insurance they need to protect you and their workers.

An exterior and interior painting company needs general liability insurance to cover property damage during regular work. It also needs workers’ compensation insurance to cover its workers if one of them gets injured on the job.

Ask for proof of insurance when you’re considering a painting company. You can also call the insurance carrier to ensure the insurance policies are still valid.

Check Out Past Work

Anyone can slap paint on a wall, but not everyone can produce professional results. Sloppy, rushed work could leave your walls looking bad. You might end up with paint splattered on your carpet, trim, and other parts of your home.

If possible, look at a finished job in person. This lets you evaluate the quality of work the painting company does for yourself. You can also ask for references so you can talk to past clients.

Another option is to look online for reviews and ratings. You won’t likely find a company with a perfect score, but you should look for one with high marks and mostly positive reviews. If many past clients have the same complaints about the company, consider looking for someone else.

Get Detailed Estimates

Accurate estimates help you compare interior or exterior painting companies you’re considering. The most accurate estimates come from painting companies like Metro Painting that come to your home for an on-site assessment. They can take measurements and see the space to look for special considerations that might affect the pricing.

Find the Best Paint Company

The best paint company for your painting job is one that is experienced and trustworthy. Find a painting company that offers the services you need at a price you can afford while doing the job correctly.

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