Benefits of Pipe Lining

Before you can understand the benefits and disadvantages of pipelining, you must know precisely what the process involves. Pipe lining involves coating the inside of a pipe with a layer of non-toxic materials to prevent future corrosion. During the procedure, heated conditioning air moves a non-toxic abrading agent through the line. The abrading agent then dislodges the corrosion buildup and transfers it to the exit opening. The waste corrosion product is collected and disposed of without damaging the environment. After the process, the inside of a pipe becomes a clean, rust-free, polished surface.

Trenchless pipe lining

If your sewer or water line has burst, you should call a pipe lining company that performs trenchless pipe repairs. Traditional pipe repairs require the digging of trenches. A trenchless pipe lining company will solve the problem without using channels and restore your plumbing as quickly as possible. They are family-owned and operated and take pride in exceeding customer expectations and providing quality service.

Trenchless pipe lining can be used for various pipes, including sewage and municipal drainage systems, pump systems, irrigation systems, and portable water lines. The process is fast and requires less workforce than traditional pipe replacement. It is also environmentally friendly.


One of the most significant benefits of pipe lining is that it can prevent damage to water and pipes. The process uses a non-toxic abrading agent that moves through the line and dislodges corrosion buildup. The corrosion buildup is then transported to an exit opening and collected in a dust collection system or cyclonic grit unit. The waste product is non-toxic and can be disposed of safely without hurting the environment. Once complete, the pipe has a newly polished surface inside.

Another advantage of pipelining is that the process can be completed much faster than replacing a pipe wholesale. In addition, pipe lining is more cost-effective than replacing a pipe. This pipe repair method can save a home or business’s landscaping and ground cover. It is also more efficient than conventional pipe repair methods because the repair process does not require any excavation.


When considering hiring a pipe lining company, it is essential to know precisely how much the job will cost. The costs will vary depending on the pipe’s length and the tube’s location. For instance, lining 50 feet of three-inch pipe underneath a house might cost about $200 per foot, while lining three thousand feet under a high-rise condominium building could cost up to $125,000. In addition, pipe lining equipment is expensive. The most basic package can cost up to $150,000, and more expensive options include pipe inspection cameras and pipe cleaning jetters, which can cost up to six figures. Some companies will also require a certain minimum number of feet of pipe to complete the job.

The average cost of hiring a pipe lining company is eighty to twenty-five dollars per linear foot, and the service lasts about two hours. However, contractors may charge more if you need their assistance immediately or if they need to travel to your location.


There are many ways to ensure the safety of pipelining contractors. First, evaluate the company’s environmental controls. For example, using styrene in pipe lining is highly toxic, and the workers are exposed to harmful emissions and gases. In addition, the company should use proper ventilation in the maintenance hole, bag used gloves, and properly dispose of the excess liner.

The company must comply with federal guidelines governing construction. In addition, OSHA has the authority to issue citations if workers fail to follow safety guidelines.

Choosing a company

Before hiring a pipe lining company, you should check its reputation. The right company will have a positive reputation among customers and similar companies in the area. Ask around for recommendations and read reviews online. Also, look at their years of experience. A company that has been in business for several years will be able to provide you with the highest quality services.

Another important consideration is location. You will want to hire a licensed pipe lining company to work in your area. Choosing a company from a different state or country could cause problems. However, a company located within the same state will likely be cheaper.