Choosing the Best Natural Upholstery Fabric

There are many opportunities to incorporate upholstered furniture throughout your home. No matter how it is mixed in, the choice of fabric is vital. You may need a more durable material if the item will get lots of use or a less durable fabric for those items not being used as often. Either way, when determining the fabric for your upholstered furniture item, you may want to consider these natural materials.

Cotton and Cotton Blend

Any Joybird customer service representative will tell you that cotton is one of the most popular choices for upholstery. It is highly durable and does not fade, pill, or wear quickly. Although it is not as resistant to wrinkling, soil, or fires, there are specific treatments you can have done that will make up for these weaknesses.

Cotton blends are also incredibly sturdy, depending on the combinations. They are also family-friendly, so a good, durable cotton blend fabric will be the best choice for your upholstered furniture pieces if you have a home with children or pets.

Leather and Linen

Another tough material that can withstand the test of time is leather. It needs gentle vacuuming and a quick wipe-down to clean, and it can last for years. Joybird reviews have great options for upholstered leather items.

Linen is another natural upholstery fabric best used in formal living rooms or where adults hang out. It can quickly soil and wrinkle and does not withstand much use. However, it does resist fading or pilling.

Silk and Vinyl

Silk is one of the more delicate fabrics that is a good choice if you are a home of only adults since it is so fragile and needs to be professionally cleaned if it were ever to be damaged. On the other hand, vinyl is easy to care for and is much more cost-effective compared to leather. Vinyl is perfect for rooms like a busy living room and dining room.

Choosing the best natural upholstery fabric for your furniture will depend solely on your taste and lifestyle.