What Are the Different Types of Parking Lot Layouts That Exist Today?

Did you know that there are over a billion parking spots across the country? That means there are about four for every car out there, and many of those parking spots can be found in a parking garage.

Parking lots help protect our vehicles, yet the important details of the design are often overlooked. If you are curious to learn more about the different types of parking lot layouts, then check out this handy guide that will bring you up to speed on the basics and more.

Perpendicular Parking

Some of the best parking lot designs incorporate a perpendicular parking lot layout where cars park perpendicularly to a wall, curb, or some other structure. Depending on the amount of room between the spaces and traffic lanes, it can be the easiest and the best way to park a car.

Parallel Parking

If the parking lot dimensions are small, you may find that the lot utilizes a parallel parking layout. Cars park parallel to a curb or wall and this style is often found in the city or other congested parking areas where space is at a premium.

Angled Parking

Angled layouts are parking spots arranged on an angle leaning into the direction of traffic, which makes it easy for motorists to drive into and park. Reversing out of the spot can be trickier if the vehicles beside you are longer and visibility is impaired, so this is sometimes not the best layout for high-traffic areas.

Single Level Lots

Like the name sounds, a single-level parking lot has parking on one level. This may be an open-air lot or have an enclosed or partially enclosed structure.

Multi-Level Lots

A multi-level parking lot has two or more levels, and there are a few types that accommodate multiple levels, like a tower or an underground design. They are accessed by interior or exterior ramps, or an elevator system.

Non-Traditional Types of Parking Lot Layouts

Some parking lots have an asymmetrical shape that is not a standard rectangle or square. For non-traditional set-ups, a valet service may use double parking to maximize space efficiency via professional parkers.

Parking Lot Design

Some of the potential materials used in the design and construction of parking lots are concrete, steel, and wood. Many of these parking systems benefit from enhanced security features like LED Parking Lot lights to increase visibility and safety and night.

Learn More About Parking Lot Layouts

Now that you’ve read all about the different types of parking lot layouts, hopefully, this will inspire you to dive deeper into the intriguing world of parking lot design. With the constant advancements in technology like robotics and elevators to move vehicles, parking lot layouts are always evolving.

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