How Much Does A Roof Cleaning Project Cost?

How Much Does A Roof Cleaning Project Cost

The roof serves an important role in protecting the occupants of any building from external factors. In most cases, you expect your roof to serve you for years, which should be the case. However, it’ll only do this if you maintain it correctly.

Part of maintenance involves cleaning it regularly. Suppose you want to embark on cleaning your roof. How much will it cost you? Here, there are two choices; DIY or hiring a professional. Hiring professionals for the job is always advisable, especially for thorough roof cleaning. That said, how much will these experts charge you? Read on to find the answer to this question.

The price you’ll pay for roof cleaning depends on the following:

The Scope Of Work

The scope of work refers to the amount of work the roof cleaning Sarasota Fl experts have to do. Some roofs require minimal work, especially if you regularly clean them. As a result, you’ll pay less for cleaning services.

On the other hand, there are situations where there’s a lot of work to be done. It’s likely the case if it’s been a long since you cleaned your roof and it has accumulated mold, mildew, or algae. If this is the case with your roof, be ready to pay more for cleaning services.

The cleaning costs will also be high if you want additional services like gutter cleaning and roof coating.

The Roof Size And Design

Thanks to innovative construction gurus, there are many roof designs you can adopt. Some are complex, with several gables, nooks, and crannies, while others are simple.

If your roof’s design is complex, expect to pay more for cleaning services. The professionals will likely have a challenging time cleaning all the corners. On the other hand, expect to pay less for a simple roof design like a flat roof. The cleaning will be straightforward.

Roof size determines costs since it depicts the floor area the roofing company has to clean. The larger your roof’s square footage, the higher you’ll pay compared to a small-sized roof.

The Risk Factor

Cleaning a roof is dangerous due to its height level. A small mishap and you could end up on the ground with broken limbs; in extreme cases, death is a possibility. As a result, a roof cleaning expert will charge you more if cleaning your roof is risky.

It’s likely the case if your roof is steep, interfering with stability. The experts must invest in special PPEs to prevent falls and injuries as they clean your roof. Also, if your building is storied, the risk factor multiplies.

All in all, expect to pay more when the risk is too high since the roof-cleaning experts will need more resources to meet your cleaning needs.

The Roof Type

Besides the many roofing designs available, there are also various roofing materials you can adopt. For instance, you’ll find metal, shingles, and tile roofs, with a variety of each.

Each of these materials has varying physical characteristics and needs different handling to prevent damage. Roofing materials like wood shingles are prone to damage; hence, roof cleaners must be extra careful handling them. There are also materials like rubber that’ll need chemicals to clean.

In contrast, materials like metal roofs are quite strong and don’t need careful handling.

Any roofing material that requires delicate handling will be more expensive than the robust one.

The Pricing Of The Expert

Pricing Of The Roof Cleaning Expert

Roof-cleaning providers will charge differently for their services, like any other business, because of various factors. They’ll likely use different mechanisms to arrive at the amount you’ll pay, which greatly impacts the cost of the service.

Some providers will charge per hour for their services. Therefore, the more hours they’ll spend cleaning your roof, the more you’ll pay. The reverse applies to fewer hours spent cleaning.

The other pricing method is in package form, where you pay a given amount for the listed roof cleaning services. Although it seems reasonable or cost-friendly compared to charging per service, it might be expensive if you need minimal services of those listed.

Lastly, there is customized pricing, where a roof-cleaning expert will first inspect your roof before giving you a quote. The quote will depend on the cleaning they must do and the factors discussed herein. In the end, you’ll get value for your money.

As a tip, consider comparing the quotes of several roof-cleaning experts. It’ll give you an idea of the approximate price you should pay for the services. You’ll also get the best deal since you’ll likely find an affordable provider who’ll meet your needs without compromising service delivery.

The Cleaning Technique

Like the construction gurus who’ve developed different roofing designs, roof cleaners have developed different roof-cleaning techniques. Some of these techniques aim to make work easier, while others look to solve a particular roofing problem.

The common cleaning techniques are high-pressure washing, chemical, and soft wash, and steaming. High-pressure washing involves using a pressure washer, where you exert a lot of water pressure on the roof to remove stubborn dirt. A soft wash will use water at low pressure to clean the roof.

Suppose your roof has algae or moss. You’ll need a chemical wash to remove and prevent the future occurrence of the algae. Roof steaming will remove several types of dirt but is best adapted to prevent damaging the roofing material.

Each cleaning technique will cost you differently, depending on the resources the provider will use and the level of technology in place. The resources in use and technological advancement, the higher you’ll pay for the cleaning services.

It’s best to ask your chosen provider about their choice of cleaning technique before they start the process. You both should come to an understanding, with the professional telling you of the advantages of their preferred cleaning technique.


This article has established that even as you aim to clean your roof frequently to maintain it, you ought to know how much it’ll cost you. The discussion above has shown the factors that determine your roof-cleaning expenses. This information lets you know where your roofing falls in each category and how much you’ll need for cleaning services. You’ll also better plan the intervals of your roof cleaning based on your budget.

As a take-home, always require a breakdown of the cost a given provider will charge you. It’ll prevent situations where you’re over-charged for fewer services.