How to Choose Front Door Colors in 2022

Your front door is the first thing your guests will see. Determining its colors shouldn’t be an afterthought.

Unsuitable front door colors can decline your home’s exterior aesthetic appeal. They will make your home look dull and dated.

Good front door colors can increase your home’s selling price. They will also create great first impressions on people that visit you.

Do you know the best colors you can choose for your home’s front door? Here is a complete front door color guide to help you make the right choice.

Know the Best Colors

Knowing the trending front door colors is the first step to making the right choice. There are many color trends for various front door designs.

The color you choose will determine the feel and attitude of your entire home. Don’t rush to choose any color for your front door.

Research and know all the classics. Go for classics that will both enhance your home’s style and stand the test of time.

Here are the best classic hues to consider.

The first one is classic black. It is a timeless color that can enhance your home’s value and style.

Red is another great color you can choose for your front door. You can pair it with a neutral-colored exterior to give your home an inviting tone.

Other classic hues to consider are blue, light green, and brown.

Stick to Your Home’s Style

Your home’s style should be a key factor of consideration when choosing a front door color. The color you choose should match your home’s exterior style.

There are two major styles of homes – traditional and contemporary styles.

Under traditional style, you don’t need very bright front door colors. The best classic hues for this style are black, dark red, and brown.

Under contemporary style, you have to be more creative. Bright red, soothing green or yellow can be suitable options.

Other accessories determine your home’s style. These include the garage door and the decking system. Ensure that your front door color complements them.

Your front door color doesn’t have to be similar to your home’s exterior color. Just ensure that the door color suits your personality and adds visual appeal to your property.

Consider Feng Shui

Feng shui is a Chinese design principle for creating bright and comfortable homes. It applies in choosing types of front doors and their colors.

This design principle advises homeowners to take care of their front entry doors. It argues that a good and strong front door brings positive energy.

Feng shui recommends several colors for front doors. It advises homeowners to choose colors based on the door directions.

Black, purple, and blue colors are for front doors facing north. Feng shui argues that these colors represent the water element in the north.

Red, orange, and vivid yellow are for front doors facing south. According to this principle, the south represents the fire element.

Lastly, green is for front doors facing east, while white is for those facing west. East represents a wood element, and west represents a metal element.

Choose the Right Paint

The paint you choose will determine the color of your front door. Several things can guide you when picking your front door paint.

One of them is durability. It would help to choose a paint that does not fade quickly. The paint should be resistant to the sun’s UV rays.

Choose weather-resistant paint. The paint should resist moisture and prevent mold and mildew growths.

Also, choose a paint color that does not reflect much light. This will prevent the paint finish from fading quickly.

Coat your front entry door before painting it. The paint coat prevents rust and the paint from peeling off after drying.

The paint finish you choose will determine the new style of your front door. The best paint finishes are glossy, matte, semi-gloss, and high-gloss finishes.

Hire a good painter if you don’t know how to paint a front door.

Consider Your Home’s Outdoors

Your home’s surroundings can inspire you to choose the best front door color. A few things can help you.

Red can be suitable if you have red roses in your compound. For those with gardens, green and brown easily blends with nature.

Choose natural colors for your front entry door. Natural colors will blend your home’s exterior with the landscape.

Be Creative

You may decide to experiment to find out the best color for your front door. There is nothing wrong with this. After all, you can repaint your front door without much commitment.

Try out bright colors for your experiment. Darker shades, green, red, and yellow are some of the best hues to try out.

Experimenting will help you make a sound decision when choosing front door colors. You will know the color you like and the one you dislike.

Consider the Trim

You should not paint the trim and the door the same color. This can make your property’s exterior look boring.

A different trim color will make your front door stand out. White trims are best for dark-colored front doors and vice versa.

White trims make the dark-colored doors bright.

Dark-colored trims protect the front door’s surroundings from fading.

Know the Color Language

Front door colors communicate different messages. They can influence what people think about you and your family.

Here are different languages of various front door colors.

White represents cleanliness and simplicity. It tells people that you are not a disorganized person.

Black represents order. It’ll tell your neighbors that you are an authoritative person.

Green indicates safety and health in your home. Blue shows that you are a friendly, positive, and sincere person.

This Is How to Choose Front Door Colors in 2022

Front door colors determine the style and value of residential properties. Wrong front door colors will affect your home and your personality.

This information will help you choose the best color for your front door without much hassle.

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