A Single Parent’s Guide To Buying A New House

Being a single parent is believed to come with bigger responsibilities as one needs to act as both parents and provider at the same time. Among all the challenges with parenting, one ultimate priority is finding the perfect home for your child if you’re a single parent. However, many single parents find it pretty tough to buy a home. There’s the issue about sustaining a household on a single income which makes it hard to balance the finances of everything else.

Owning a house comes with lots of merits like having the feeling of independence, self-sufficiency, and keeping your child’s secure and safe. Although the price can be hefty to handle, there are many ways and strategies for you to try to land a house sale efficiently.

A Single Parent's Guide To Buying A New House

It’s challenging to buy a new home as a single parent, yet it’s highly possible. With the following guidelines and tips, you’ll soon be able to move out of the smaller place you rent into a wider house with your beloved family:

1. Create A Budget Plan

First to top off this list is to know how much you can afford when buying your new home. Be realistic about your goals and search for properties within your budget. Banks and lenders are said to be more likely to grant your loan application if the house you’d bat for is cheaper. When you set up your budget, you can browse listings on which candidates will fit your budget range.

A single parent’s home purchase experience is amplified if it’s their first home purchase. You should maximize all resources available for you to land the best deal. Be familiar with a new home guarantee and ask around about your real estate options. All of this can help you set your budget plan better.

In most cases, upfront costs are higher when you buy a home. You also have to pay for legal and mortgage-related paperwork, as well as settle a down payment. All these and other financial aspects should be put into consideration.

2. Determine Your Priorities

As a single parent, you’d want the best home for your child, one that includes all your family needs. Setting your priorities is the next crucial step when looking to buy a home. When you’re a single parent, determining what you want and need in a home is among the best ways to assess your housing priorities. Consider your other family members and ensure that the house will be a good fit for everyone.

Some priorities you should probably think of are the home space, the location and its proximity to your child’s school, and its accessibility to groceries and other stores for buying essentials. If you have more than one child, you should also prioritize the number of rooms available and the bathrooms and their entire layout.

Create a checklist based on what’s essential for you and your children. This will make your selection and decision process more accessible and more organized to handle. List down all your considerations and priorities for your home. You can also add in your pet as a priority to influence your decision if you own one.

3. Consider Financial Assistance

As said before, homebuying can entail a heavy financial burden most single parents may be daunted at first. Yet the local government can assist you to achieve your dreams of homeownership. In your locality, you can find plenty of programs that may aid you in financing a home. Aside from a family home guarantee, ask whether they have other programs to help single parents buy a new home.

Fortunately, homebuyers have access to many grants and financial assistance options. As long as you qualify for your chosen program’s criteria, you’ll have access to crucial financial support from the government or other agencies.

4. Go For A Home Inspection

Among the seller’s responsibilities during the whole real estate transaction is to ensure that the buyer is happy with the home purchase. It’s always a good idea to have a professional property inspection conducted, no matter how nice a home appears from the outside. It’s simply wise to include this in your house-buying journey.

It’s recommended that you take your inspector on a walkthrough and examine every aspect of the home, from the pipes to the wiring. The good thing about having inspectors is that you can have a thorough report about the actual condition of the house.

All potential issues of your home will be relayed to you, so you’ll know what the home’s actual condition is. By understanding such essential details, you’ll better decide whether the home is right for you. With a home inspection, you can reasonably see if a home is still functional or it might rip you off hefty bucks for some serious renovation.

5. Let Your Child Decide With You

talk to your kid about buying home

Another thing to consider when deciding what home to buy is to talk to your kid about it. They live with you, so they have a say about this big move. Make sure they know that they get to vote to decide your next new home and let them know that they have a say in the decision-making process. You can allow them to tour with you so they can check around the house. Even though you’ll still have the final decision, it won’t hurt to know your child’s real feelings toward the new home.

6. Consider All Other Costs Of Owning A Home

Most homebuyers don’t take all costs and expenses into account. Aside from the money you spend on purchasing a home, money is also required when owning a home. That being said, you have to spend on utilities, maintenance, and other expenses. Single parents should pay attention to all of these costs when buying their first home.

You don’t want to find out after you buy a home that you can’t afford the expenses of owning it as a single parent. Try to anticipate all the costs involved when you’re finally settled down in your new home as early as possible.

Aside from the basic expenses of daily living, you should also anticipate renovation and fixture expenses in the future. Knowing these costs will allow you to better plan your budget and decide whether owning a house is the best decision for you as a single parent.


The process of buying a home can certainly be challenging for single parents, but it’s not a far-fetched idea. With proper planning, budgeting rules, and knowing what to expect in your house-hunting journey, you’ll make the process seem more organized and hassle-free. Providing stability for your children with your own home is a valuable asset that encourages a single parent like you to purchase a home rather than continue renting.