What Are the Different Types of Garage Doors That Exist Today?

Did you know that a high-end garage door can yield a 94% ROI when it comes time to sell your home? Who knew that something as simple as a garage door could do so much good for your property value!

The question is, what counts as a high-end garage door? What are the different types of garage doors and which ones will do the most for your property value?

If you’re preparing for garage door replacement, you’ve come to the right place.

Read on for our guide to the types of garage doors that every smart homeowner should know about.

Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional garage doors are the most standard of all garage door options. These garage doors are made up of panels that are connected with hinges. When you open or close a sectional garage door, the panels shift to create a smooth transition.

Sectional garage doors can do wonders for your property value. Paired with a new garage floor from RaceDeck, you’ll see a huge ROI.

Roll-Up Garage Doors

Roll-up garage doors tend to have a more industrial look that may not pair well with your residential property. These garage doors are made up of 2-4″ steel panels that roll up into a coil when opened. If you’re looking to add height to your garage, you may enjoy a roll-up garage door.

Horizontal Sliding Garage Doors

Horizontal sliding garage doors are interesting to look at. Rather than opening upward, they open to the side.

While this may seem like a high-end option, it may not produce the ROI you’re hoping for. Because this is such an unusual option, it may cost more to fix a horizontal sliding garage door than a typical sectional garage door. Home buyers may see this as a deterrent, rather than a luxury.

Side-Hinged Garage Doors

Are you looking for something that looks upscale without costing a fortune? If so, you may enjoy a side-hinged garage door.

Side-hinged garage doors consist of two large panels that are, as the name suggests, connected to the garage door opening with hinges. As such, the two large panels open outward, creating quite the grand entrance or exit. Some side-hinged garage doors are electric while others are manual.

Tilting Garage Doors

Tilting garage doors are comprised of a single large panel, which means that you can play around with design. Rather than rolling or sliding up, these garage doors tilt up and down in one smooth motion. Not only does this provide an interesting look, but it also creates a canopy effect outside of your garage.

Which Types of Garage Doors Appeal to You?

There are more types of garage doors than you might expect, and not all of them will produce the same ROI. Which types of garage doors appeal to you?

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