What Are the Signs You Should Install a New Furnace?

According to an EIA press release, the price of the most common fuels used to power home heating systems increased by as much as 54% in some cases last year.

So, it pays to make sure your home furnace is running at its best if you want to save as much as you can while warming your home. Some furnace issues are easy to repair, while others mean there’s no hope for your residential furnace.

Here’s how you know it’s time to install a new furnace.

Your Energy Bills Are Sky High

An old or faulty furnace can’t heat your home as efficiently as it once did. That means it uses more energy to create the same amount of heat.

Greater energy requirements mean you’ll use extraordinary amounts of electricity or gas to power your furnace.

It pays to consider energy-efficient options when buying a furnace and get a reputable company to carry out your furnace installation.

Install a New Furnace if Yours Is Old

Different types of furnaces can last up from 15 to 30 years, depending on how often they’re used and whether homeowners keep them well maintained and serviced regularly.

Most furnaces are ready to retire after 15 years, so if yours is starting to malfunction often, get in touch with an expert to help you decide if it’s salvageable.

Ongoing, expensive repairs, and escalating energy bills will cost you more over time than buying a new furnace now.

Your Furnace Flame Is Yellow

A yellow flame is a reason for dramatic action as it indicates incomplete combustion and a potential gas or carbon monoxide leak.

Other signs of carbon monoxide include:

  • Sooty streaks around the furnace
  • No upward draft in the chimney
  • Moisture appearing on cold surfaces like windows and walls
  • Rusted connections or flue pipes

If this colorless, odorless gas seeps into your home, it can kill you, fast.

Get out of your house and call your utility company to turn your gas supply off. Then, get in touch with a local heating and cooling expert about installing a furnace urgently.

Your Furnace Is Making Unusual Noises

Rattling, humming, popping, and buzzing sounds indicate your furnace may have developed leaks, cracks, or mechanical issues.

A heating technician can repair most of these issues easily, but it’s often not cost-effective to do this. Depending on the age of your furnace, you might benefit more from installing a new one.

If you can see signs of rust or large cracks in your furnace, it’s time to replace it.

Research Your Options First

It’s vital to research all your options before you install a new furnace. A new heating system is a long-term commitment and represents a considerable investment.

Always bear the ongoing costs of fuel and maintenance before you decide, and make sure you hire a licensed, experienced, and approved installer for the job.

If you’d like to discover more ways to increase your home’s comfort and save money in the process, browse our blog for all the best home tips.