3 Loft Bedroom Ideas You’ll Love!

Lofts, also known as attics were a mainstay of homes for the first half of the twentieth century. They were created as a way to keep the house cool while also adding space for the roof to take shape.

They’ve declined in number in the past generation or so, largely due to the invention of the truss. These new trusses meant that the roof could be held up without the need for large support beams.

The age of the loft is not entirely over, though. People have found and continue to find interesting uses for their lofts.

Among the most popular uses is as a bedroom. We’ll discuss some of our favorite loft bedroom ideas in this article.

What Is a Loft Bed?

While loft bedrooms are often in the attic, they don’t necessarily have to be. If you’re asking what is a loft and what a loft requires, we’ll tell you. The only requirement for a loft is that it’s raised above the ground in some way.

Some loft beds are built on a raised platform. Oftentimes, space beneath the platform is used for storage. Other loft beds are set up in a miniature room above a small staircase.

Even if you can’t turn your loft into a loft bed, you can still use it for storage. Either way, loft boarding will be needed.

1. Wooden Loft

Minimalist spaces with plenty of wood are very in right now. These designs call back to a simpler era, when people lived in log cabins and the world had yet to be modernized.

An interesting trend in woodworking right now is the use of reclaimed wood. Reclaiming wood is the process of carefully taking apart an old wooden object so that the wood can be repurposed.

Reclaimed wood is more sustainable than fresh wood and has the antique beauty of aged wood. However, it’s also more expensive, largely because aged wood is in high demand.

2. Bookshelves and Bedframes

We’ve mentioned that loft beds and storage spaces go hand-in-hand, since the platforms and stairs that make loft beds possible can be easily converted into additional space.

Among the many creative uses for this space is a bookshelf. This is an especially good idea if you’re making a loft bed for someone who’s a bookworm, whether they take to classic novels, love a good comic book, or are fond of encyclopedias.

3. Rails and Barriers

Adding rails to a loft bedroom is just as much a necessity as a design feature. Sometimes, people fall out of bed. In most cases, they get up, crawl back into bed and go back to sleep with no harm done.

A loft bed makes this scenario a lot more dangerous if you don’t take precautions. Putting rails and barriers around the loft adds a neat design feature while also ensuring that a fall off the bed doesn’t turn into something worse.

The Best Loft Bedroom Ideas

A loft bedroom is like any other room in that you can customize it in any number of ways. We’ve discussed some of our favorite loft bedroom ideas in this article, but there’s always more to learn.

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