Construction Equipment: The Basics

If you’re considering taking on a construction project, such as building an addition to your home, you must first know the type of equipment you will need and what it does. Construction equipment is comprised of heavy machinery intended to complete construction or earthwork tasks. There are several types of construction equipment discussed below.

1. Skid-Steer Loader

Skid-steer loaders are extremely versatile. Their load buckets allow them to load, carry and push dirt and many other materials. Additionally, attachments allow skid-steer loaders to drill and dig. Because of their relatively small size, these machines can maneuver where many of their larger counterparts cannot.

2. Loader Backhoe

Loader backhoes are generally just called backhoes. On one end backhoes have a bucket for digging, while on the other end there is a bucket for moving dirt and loading material. Multiple sizes of buckets are available as attachments to backhoes to increase their versatility. Backhoes are mostly used for small construction projects and their heavy duty wheels with rubber tires enable them to drive on almost any job site.

3. Bulldozer

Bulldozers are an extremely common type of construction equipment and can move large quantities of earth using their flat, wide blade. Further, bulldozers can grade extremely well because of their mass and power. Consider the type of job you need a bulldozer for before selecting one. They come in a range of sizes, so be sure you don’t choose one that will be too large for your space or too small to complete the work that needs doing.

4. Dump Truck

Dump trucks come in handy once you’ve dug up all that dirt since you’ll need somewhere to put it. Dump trucks can transport dirt and debris from your construction site to the dumpsite. They can also be used to transport materials to the job site. Like bulldozers, dump trucks come in a variety of sizes, so be sure to rent the correct size for the job.

5. Excavator

Excavators are excellent digging machines that can be used to dig, demolish or clear land. Their cabs can rotate 360 degrees, making them an extremely useful piece of machinery. Several attachments make excavators even more useful.

Before operating any of this heavy machinery, make sure you understand how to do so safely. If possible, have an expert teach you how to use a skid-steer loader, loader backhoe, bulldozer, dump truck and excavator before operating one on your own.