5 Tips for Designing the Perfect Space Saving Bedroom

When you buy a home or apartment, you take many aspects into account from the overall space to the price tag. You can’t always get what you want and sometimes you end up with a bedroom that’s smaller than you like.

You need a space saving bedroom that gives you the storage you need but also isn’t cluttered. There’s nothing worse than banging your need or head because there isn’t enough room to get through an area.

We developed these five space saving tips so you can create the perfect bedroom that’s both beautiful in form and practical in function.

Space Saving Bedroom: Get a Murphy Bed

Many people haven’t heard of a Murphy bed or a wall bed. It’s a bed that retracts into the wall when not in use. When you’re ready for bed, you pull it down and it’s ready to go. This provides you with considerable space during the day because you don’t need to go around the bed.

It’s well known that IKEA doesn’t sell wall beds, but there are many places that do. They come in many different sizes and styles.

Have a Bed with Built-In Storage

If a wall bed isn’t for you, then consider a bed that has storage built into it. These beds come in all the standard sizes but also contain drawers and other storage underneath. You can wake up in the morning and grab your clothes from the bedroom storage.

This also saves room because you don’t need a dresser or other clothes storage in the bedroom.

Use a Shelf for a Nightstand

Many times, there isn’t enough room on both sides of the bed for a nightstand, so what can you do? Purchase a small corner shelf and mount on the side with little room. It acts as a small nightstand, so you can place your drink, books, or other items on it when you’re ready for bed.

If you move the bed, then the shelf can go with you.

Create Storage Area Under the Bed

The area under the bed is a large unused space. You can raise the bed with a new frame or purchase risers. This gives you even more space under the bed. Purchase small totes and other small storage devices and place them under the bed until needed.

Many types of exercise equipment fold up to a small size for such small spaces.

Buy a Lamp with Shelves

Your bedroom needs light, so you need a lamp, but why not make it storage too. There are many types of lamps that include shelving inside them. Place it next to the bed or makeup table for reliable light and a place to put items.

Some lamps come with charging stations built-in as well.

Small Bedrooms Are Not Problems

While a small bedroom isn’t ideal, these tips should let you create enough storage for your belongings and have a beautiful bedroom. A space saving bedroom saves you hassles and a cluttered home.

If you want to learn more about space saving ideas, then please explore our site.