A Guide to Farmhouse Home Décor

If living on a farm is not possible, you can still create the same look no matter your location with farmhouse home décor. The modern farmhouse look has become trendy and popular in the last few years, but the style has been around for much longer. Today, the farmhouse décor balances new and old and doesn’t tend to go overboard with any one thing. It still has coziness and comfort but is more of an all-grown-up style.

Basic Elements of Farmhouse Style

There are many different elements that you can use to create a farmhouse-style home.

Neutral Color Palette: This style uses a neutral color palette with pale shades of taupe, beige, white, and gray. Some other colors can be used but these colors are generally muted, such as yellow or sage. Occasionally, people will add vibrant colors, such as red or teal, to balance out the neutral palette.

Texture: If you are going to be using a neutral color then textures are important to prevent the space from looking too boring or flat. Some textures that are popular for this style include linen, grain sack, and chunky knits. You can use multiple finishes of wood to add texture to the space as well.

Natural or Unfinished Wood Pieces: A common element of modern farmhouse home décor is stripped or unfinished wood. Usually, this is achieved by incorporating one bigger piece that has exposed wood, such as a bathroom vanity or dining room table.

Painted Pieces: Hand-me-down pieces are popular to use in a farmhouse style. One of the best ways to use these pieces and add to your décor if you don’t love them as they are is to paint them to coordinate with the rest of your décor.

Functional and Practical Gathering Areas: Even if not related directly to décor, one element of the farmhouse style is functional and practical gathering spaces. Spaces such as large living rooms or open-concept kitchens are popular with this style.

Architectural Elements: Farmhouse-style decorators like to use architectural elements, either as pieces of the décor or part of the home. Elements such as exposed beams, pillars, shiplap, or hardwood floor add some more layers to your décor.

Apron Sinks: A farmhouse kitchen wouldn’t be complete without an apron sink. The finish on this type of sink has changed over the years as the style evolves and ranges from cast iron to acrylic or even stainless steel. An apron sink adds instant farmhouse charm to your kitchen. Not only do these sinks add the perfect amount of farmhouse style, but they are also very practical to use.

Antique Furniture: You will likely find hand-me-down pieces in an authentic farmhouse so, in order to create the style in your space, you should have one to two antique pieces. You don’t need to go overboard with a living room filled with all antique pieces, but one or two standout pieces help make the space.

Open Shelving: Open shelving works well with the causal gathering spaces that are popular in the farmhouse style. Open shelves create a space for everyday use items and are a great part of the décor. This style is popular to use in the kitchen, but it can also be used in the dining room, family room, bedroom, or bathroom. Not only are the shelves functional, but they are also decorative.

Wood Wall Accents such as Shiplap: Shiplap is very popular in farmhouse décor since true shiplap is commonly used in the exterior of barns and sheds.

With the popularity of farmhouse home décor, you can shop for many pieces online, making it easier to achieve this style.