How to Talk to Your Insurance Company About Roof Replacement

How to Talk to Your Insurance Company About Roof Replacement

It’s true that a new roof is costly. You may have the option of using your insurance to pay part or all of the replacement costs if you need a new roof.

Let’s look at when it’s appropriate to contact insurance about a roof replacement, as well as the procedure involved.

When You Can File a Claim

Roof replacement coverage under homeowners insurance is extremely uncommon. There are just a few scenarios where your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover the roof, and it’s usually in the case of unforeseen circumstances or severe weather.

Severe Weather

Weather extremes, such as storms and floods, can result in insurance claims. You might be eligible to submit a claim if your roof is damaged by a natural calamity, such as hail or wind storm.

Unforeseen Circumstances

Second, if you suffer unforeseen damage as a result of the contractor you hired’s incorrect installation, insurance may reimburse you for replacements due to this reason.

Aside from these two exceptions, there aren’t really other instances in which an insurance company is likely to assist the homeowner.

Is Filing a Claim a Lost Cause?

Unfortunately, insurance adjusters aren’t going to appreciate roofs that are replaced in ordinary or unusual situations. Simply put, insurance will not cover the replacement of a roof due to “time” or because it is just aging.

This appears to be quite narrow, yet the main purpose of insurance is to assist you after a sudden unexpected accident. That’s why your homeowners insurance policy will not cover any additional wear and tear on your roof caused by typical use.

Talking With Your Insurance Provider

You’re aware that your roof needs to be replaced, and you’ve decided to file a claim with your insurance provider. So, how do you go about doing so and where should you begin? There are five key steps to follow when interacting with your insurance company successfully.

Five Steps to Success

First, contact your insurance company before meeting with a roofing contractor like Peak to Peak Roofing. Insurance companies may question you about any action you’ve taken to address the problem – such as removing debris, for example – at that point.

Second, when dealing with insurance, be upfront and honest regarding the damage. In order to receive assistance from a roof replacement claim, it is critical to communicate honestly. It may lead insurance companies to suspect an act of insurance fraud if there is a gap in between when something occurs and when it’s reported to them.

Third, it’s a fantastic idea to document the damage to your roof as soon as possible after it happens. Photos are useful for proving what occurred.

Fourth, make sure you’re reading your policy’s replacement coverage information completely. In other words, find out what your deductible is, when the insurance kicks in, and so on.

Fifth, when you’re in distress and your insurance agent comes to visit, be polite and make no threats. Insurance agents are experienced in dealing with homeowners who aren’t satisfied with their insurance premiums or the amount of aid provided through insurance during a crisis. Avoiding fights and getting angry may help you get the assistance you need more quickly.

So, you’ve taken pictures of the damage and spoken with your insurance company after determining that you have a good chance of getting your claim approved. What’s next?

Filing the Insurance Claim

Each insurance carrier has its own method of processing claims, although the procedure is usually the same.


Most insurance providers will ask homeowners to submit an online form with photographs attached by email or on a website. After examining your claim information, the insurance company is likely to respond with their decision. They’ll then provide instructions on what has to be done next if your claim is approved.

Roof Inspection

The insurance provider will most likely send someone to your home to inspect the damage. Make sure you have some photographs of the initial problem in your pocket so they can see just how severe that storm was.

Get Estimates

The insurance adjuster will inspect the damage to your roof, and if it is deemed severe enough to justify an estimate, he or she will issue one. They may request that you obtain estimates from local roofers in the region if they determine that the damage is significant enough to warrant an estimate. After a proposal has been accepted, the contractor can go ahead and replace your roof.

Roll With the Punches

Every insurance firm has its own claims procedure. If you follow their instructions and go through the correct channels, you’ll get the best results.

Always be upfront and honest about the damage. Make sure to take photographs and report the problem as soon as possible. When your claim is approved, use a reputable roofing business in your area to replace the roof with care.