Top 3 Reasons Why Your Home Needs New Siding

Your house’s siding is supposed to protect your home from precipitation, harsh temperatures, and hostile weather. Besides that, it also enhances your exterior by giving your home a unique and attractive look.

However, this part of the house is bound to wear out after many years. Hence, replacement becomes necessary. Without this, you risk extended damage, which might cost you more along the line. In addition, your exterior might look outdated, which could decrease your house’s property value if you’re considering moving later on. As a result, you might not get what you’re expecting from the sale.

Why Hire A Professional Service

If you’re considering getting this project done yourself, you should consider working with a professional instead. These experts give the best service and ensure the upgrade lasts a lifetime. Apart from that, they also advise you on the best maintenance practices to keep the sidings looking brand-new.

However, when choosing the best contractor, make sure you confirm they have the right licenses and certifications to work within your state, city, or town. For instance, if you’re looking for someone to provide siding installation in Springfield in the State of Virginia or wherever you’re living – consider one who has the paperwork to work in your area. Not only are you sure you’re working with certified pros, but you can also acquire the proper permits and avoid any legal issues.

So now you know why you should hire a professional service for this project, but why do you need new sidings for your house? Read on.

Why Would You Need New Sidings For Your House?

Repainting and repairing might help improve your house’s siding. However, if there are holes, cracks, or severe damage from precipitation, then you’ll need a complete replacement for your exterior.

Installing a new siding can be expensive initially, but it can be much cheaper in the long run. Besides, there are many benefits you’d enjoy from a replacement. Today, several products in the market can offer better protection and give your home a much better look. To choose the best material, browse the internet to get the material you want. Also, talk to your contractor to understand what they offer.

reasons to install a new house siding

Here are some reasons to install a new house siding:

1. Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Installing a new siding will help enhance your home’s curb appeal. In simpler terms, it means that your house’s exterior will better and looks more attractive when seen from the street.

You might be planning to sell your property in the future. In this case, one factor that can improve your home’s worth is its curb appeal. Usually, a more attractive house will bring in more buyers. In addition, you can also use this characteristic as your main selling point. This means that you could get more out of the sale of your property if you installed a new siding.

2. Enhance Energy Efficiency In Your House

Your current siding might not have severe damage, but if your energy bills have been increasing over time, your heating system might be working extra hard to keep your house warm, which could eventually damage it. This is one sure sign there’s damage to your sidings, which means you’re letting in excessive heat during hot days and allowing heat to escape on colder days. Similarly, your air conditioner (AC) might also work harder to keep your house cooler when the weather is hotter, which might cause other problems to your AC.

However, by installing a new siding, you’ll eliminate any existing drafts and reduce the energy consumption of your AC and heating system.

On a different note, when replacing your house’s siding, color is a vital factor that could also help you lessen your energy bills. This is because the shade of your exterior can affect the temperature inside. Usually, darker tones absorb and retain more heat from the sun, making your home warmer. However, lighter hues will do the opposite, which means your home will be cooler.

Therefore, when choosing a color for your new siding, consider the climate. If you live in regions that are hotter most times of the year, brighter hues are advisable. These will prevent excessive heat from getting into your home, reduce air conditioning costs. However, if where you live is colder most of the time, darker shades might be better. This way, the siding will attract and retain more warmth. As a result, you can save some cash as you wouldn’t be overworking your heating system.

3. Reduce Maintenance Costs

The cost of cleaning and repainting a house’s exterior are some maintenance expenses that homeowners like yourself have to incur once in a while. If your current siding needs frequent washing and repainting, you might be losing more money in the long term.

To minimize costs, you must install a new siding as soon as you can. Today, there are several materials available in the market. However, a few might help you save more on maintenance costs on your house’s exterior. Materials like vinyl, fiber cement, and steel have different costs; but these are known to last longer and usually only need annual cleaning. Additionally, washing these materials requires mild detergent and water only in most cases. Besides that, repainting would only be necessary only after 5 to 10 years.

Closing Thoughts

Repairing and repainting your house’s siding may be cheaper in the short term. However, you might need to do this more frequently to keep your home more appealing and in good condition. In the end, you’ll have used more money than you would have if you installed a new siding.

If you’re conflicted on whether to repair or replace your current siding, the reasons here should convince you to consider adding new installations. First, you’ll improve your property’s curb appeal and increase your house’s value. This can be pretty important, especially if you’re looking to sell your house someday. As a result, you’ll attract more buyers, and you could make a good profit from the sale.

Second, installing new sidings will also help lower energy bills in your home. This is because replacing the old exterior allows you to eliminate drafts and add a new color that can attract or reduce heat in the house. This way, you can avoid overworking your air conditioner or heating system, meaning you can save more money on energy bills.

Last, a new siding will also help you reduce the cost of cleaning and repainting your house’s exterior. If you consider materials like wood, vinyl, steel, or cement, your exterior will only need an annual wash and a paint job every 5 to 10 years.