Replacing Kenmore Water Filters: 5 Things You Need to Know

Drinking enough water can improve your mental performance, assist with weight loss, and boost your mood. However, if your Kenmore refrigerator’s filter is past its best, you’ll need to change it to ensure you’re drinking filtered water that is pure and contains fewer contaminants.

What should you know about replacing Kenmore water filters? Going about the process the wrong way could be costly and result in your filter not working as well as it should. The good news is you can easily replace your filter the right way using five simple hints and tips.

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1. Locate Your Refrigerator’s Model Number

When choosing a water filter for your Kenmore fridge, you’ll need to know which ones are compatible with your fridge model. If you look inside your fridge, you should see an adhesive label stuck to the interior wall with details of the model number.

Note this down to make it easier for a retailer to help you find the right filter.

2. Find a Reputable Supplier

Many online stores are selling cheap water filters for Kenmore fridges, but not all of these retailers are reputable. When shopping for discount water filters, ensure you only buy from stores that sell authentic brand filters and offer excellent benefits such as a one-year purchase guarantee.

This can give you confidence you are buying from a trustworthy company that values your business.

3. Don’t Cut Corners

Understandably, you want to replace your fridge water filter in the shortest possible time and get back to doing more enjoyable activities. This is an important task, and you should follow the instructions to the letter. Skipping any steps could mean your filter can not do its job properly, and you’ll have to repeat the process all over again.

If you are having difficulties, looking up YouTube videos or asking a water filter supplier for advice can help you get your replacement part installed correctly.

4. Flush the Filter Water After Installation

After installing your filter, it’s important to flush the water to remove any airlocks and air bubbles. This is an easy way to ensure your water dispenser won’t stop working unexpectedly due to these issues.

5. Repeat Every Six Months

Refrigerator water filters need to be changed approximately every six months, but if your water quality dips earlier, then you should go ahead and replace the filter straight away. You may also notice a filter replacement warning light coming on, and again this means it is time to take immediate action.

This will help you keep your water quality high at all times.

Now You Know How to Replace Your Kenmore Water Filters

When you know how easy it is to replace your Kenmore water filters, you can help improve the condition of your water all year round. It’s important to purchase your filters from a trustworthy retailer and to always follow the installation instructions.

You should also remember to check your filter at least once every six months. This can give you peace of mind you’re drinking water that is hygienic and safe to consume.

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