Several Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Homeowners often fail to maintain their garage doors properly. However, if not maintained regularly, the problem may lead to more significant issues later on. Maintaining your garage door in shape is important for safety. Here are seven tips to help you maintenance of your garage door system.

1. Open and Close Your Garage Door Once a Day

This allows moisture to escape, which can cause the wood surrounding the door to rot. If moisture accumulates, you must clean it up right away so that it does not damage the edges of the doors.

2. Do Not Let the Weather Deteriorate the Wood Surrounding the Doors

The weather can ruin them quickly if they are exposed to rain, snow, sleet, or extremely hot temperatures without a tarp or other covering protection. These elements take their toll on wood structures around the garage door and can eventually warp or crack them. If your home installs a garage door, you should consider purchasing a tarp to protect the wood from the weather and debris such as twigs and leaves that can build up and create holes in the garage door’s exterior.

3. Check the Hardware Every Year

The hardware on your garage door is prone to rusting and freezing with time, which can make it difficult to open and close your door properly. You must check it and replace any pieces that show signs of wear regularly so that your doors operate smoothly and without incident.

2. Check for loose bolts

Over time, bolts that attach various components can loosen up or break down due to constant use and exposure to weather conditions such as sunlight or rain. To avoid any accident, it is important to regularly inspect the bolts and tighten them where necessary by using a screwdriver. Also, never forget to check on the spring anchors now and then.

4 Your Garage Door Doesn’t Have to Be Ornamental

It may seem like an attractive addition to your house if you notice it when you look out the window, but in time the paint on your garage door can start to peel and chip away. You will need to apply new paint every few years or after a particularly bad storm that damages the paint.

5. Keep the Door in Good Working Order at All Times

The garage door is an important part of your home’s safety system, so you should repair it immediately if any parts break down or stop operating properly.

6. Adjust the Tension Spring as Needed to Balance Your Garage Door

An unbalanced garage door may be difficult to open and close and can even damage both the spring and door components, which can cause expensive repairs later on. By adjusting this spring periodically throughout the year, you prevent damage from occurring without taking any unnecessary risks.

7. Use the Right Lubricants

Applying the wrong lubricant to your garage door is a bad idea, as it can cause damage to the various components of your system. For example, if you use cooking spray on the hinges or rollers, they may start to jam because this lubricant contains salt and other additives that cause rust. Instead, you should purchase the correct type of lubricant from an auto parts dealer so you do not accidentally make any mistakes when maintaining your garage door. You can also consult the nearest garage door company like Coastal Garage Doors to ensure you obtain the best.

The list above includes many helpful tips for keeping your garage door in tip-top shape all year long. No matter what time of year it is, one or more of these suggestions are sure to help you in maintenance of  your garage door in perfect working order.