What Are the Benefits of Buying Home Window Screens?

Do you find it overwhelming to keep bugs and pests out of your home? What if there was a way to lower your energy bills and boost your home’s insulation properties while keeping said bugs away?

With fewer homes having window attachments for energy efficiency, households spend a lot on HVAC-related bills. According to the Department of Energy’s Office of Scientific and Technical Information, homes are projected to generate 29 percent of all heating and cooling costs.

Home window screens are some of the most popular energy-efficient window attachments that you can install in your home. Here are five practical reasons to have them on your windows:

1. Improved Airflow With Home Window Screens

A window screen allows air to circulate throughout the house hence improving ventilation. With air circulating inside your home, you won’t have to worry about bacteria or odors. You’ll also be less prone to respiratory illnesses (such as asthma) caused by poor ventilation.

Get a window screen with traditional fiberglass or charcoal fiberglass for maximum home airflow. Insect and solar screens have a tighter weave mesh that can hinder filter control.

2. Keep Pests, Insects, and Stray Pets Out

An insect screen mesh can help keep disease-causing insects and pests out of your home. You can also get a pet-resistant screen mesh to prevent unwanted pets from entering your house.

When installed correctly, bug control screens give you peace of mind, especially if you live in a thicketed area. You’ll be less prone to diseases since stray dogs and cats won’t get access to your food and home in general.

3. Serve as an Insulator

Count on window screens to keep your house warm during cold months and cool during the hot months. They work hand in hand with other temperature regulators in your home to give you and your family comfort.

Have solar screens installed in your home replacement windows to prevent excessive heat from the sun. The ultimate goal here is to lower the burden on your air conditioner and home cooler.

Consider these energy-efficient window attachments to reduce your energy bills significantly.

4. Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal and Security

Having clean, well-maintained door and window screens in your residential property can improve its resale value. Install an adjustable fiberglass window screen to enhance your home’s appeal.

You can also count on coated steel window screens to add some form of protection to your property. These screens help restrict unwanted entry and minimize burglary since they are difficult to cut.

5. Deflect Water, Dirt, and UV Rays

Invest in a window screen that uses advanced water repellent technology to keep rainwater out of your house. Rainwater may cause mold damage or water damage when it seeps into your home.

Window screens with tighter mesh weaves can protect your home against mud and dirt. They also offer UV ray protection, allowing you to control the amount of light needed for each room.

Need More Practical Advice on Home Improvement?

Give your home a breath of fresh air by installing new window screens. They’ll improve the airflow in your home, keep pests away, serve as insulators, and more.

Now that you know the benefits of home window screens, check out other home improvement articles on house painting, altering, modernizing, and repairing, among other topics on our blogs.

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