4 Benefits of Choosing European White Oak Flooring for Your Home

When choosing new oak flooring for your home, you can easily get overwhelmed. There are so many options available with different features, benefits, and looks, leading you to be lost on what to decide.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one option gave you all you need – and at a great price? The good news is that European white oak flooring does and is the perfect solution for most people. Take a look at the benefits it provides below.

It’s Versatile

When you hear or read “white oak flooring,” it’s easy to imagine a light color. However, European white oak is actually a versatile option that is darker than some other popular wood types.

Its brown and gray undertones make it a great option for any home décor options. You can use it with both warm and cool hues, including everything from pale yellow to dark blues. Additionally, it can easily be stained to customize your look even more.

It’s Durable

It can be difficult to want to invest in new flooring when you know it might not withstand the traffic of daily life. For example, if you have pets or children, you probably expect the flooring you put in to need to be replaced in just a few years.

European white oak flooring, however, has been proven to be stronger than other options, such as American cherry and walnut. It can stand up to all your loved ones throw at it, protecting your investment for years to come.

It’s Resistant to Moisture

To carry on with the durability, European white oak flooring is also moisture-resistant. This means that when your little one dumps his sippy cup off his high chair or your puppy has an accident, your floor is still protected. Thanks to this feature, European white oak flooring is especially wonderful in kitchens, but it can be great for any room in your home.

It’s Budget-Friendly

All the benefits listed above may bring a vision of a high price tag, but the opposite is actually the case. European white oak provides a lot of benefits and a beautiful look at a very fair price.

When you are looking for the perfect flooring for your home, be sure to consider European white oak flooring. Thanks to all it has to offer. It can be the best solution for your family, your daily life, and your bank account.