Common Mistakes That Can Negatively Affect Your Indoor Air Quality

Mistakes That Negatively Affect Indoor Air Quality

If you are like most homeowners, you work extremely hard to keep every part of your residence in pristine shape. Some homeowners get so wrapped up with important tasks like roof and plumbing maintenance that they forget all about indoor air quality. Breathing in pollutants like dust, dirt, and pollen can do a number on your respiratory system.

Instead of allowing these pollutants to linger, you need to focus on improving your indoor air quality in Muncie. In most cases, indoor air quality problems are caused by common mistakes. Here are some of the common mistakes that can affect your indoor air quality and what you can do to address them.

Bringing Air Pollutants From Outside

During the spring and summer months, most areas in the United States are covered in pollen. Ideally, you want to work on leaving pollen outside due to the respiratory and sinus problems it can cause. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make when trying to keep pollen at bay is wearing your shoes inside of your home. Microscopic pollen particles can stick to your shoes, which is why removing them at your front door is crucial.

Once pollen comes into your home on your shoes, it will make its way into the carpet fibers in your home. This means you will kick up the pollen every time you walk on the carpet. If you want to improve your indoor air quality and the condition of your flooring, it is time to start taking your shoes off at the front door.

You also need to put a thick mat at your front door for guests to clean their feet off. By taking these drastic measures, you will be able to reduce the number of air pollutants that enter your home.

Ignoring the Need For New Air Filters

Residential HVAC units

Residential HVAC units pull in air from outside and then cool it off with the help of refrigerator and condenser coils. When air is pulled in from outdoors, lots of dirt and pollen will enter your home. HVAC air filters are designed to remove these pollutants before they enter your indoor air supply. However, you will have to replace these filters once they become covered in dust, dirt, and pollen.

Ignoring the need for new air filters can lead to lots of pollutants entering your air supply. These dirty filters will also put your unit in a bind due to the lack of airflow. This is why you need to check and change your air filters once every two months. If you don’t feel comfortable performing this essential HVAC maintenance procedure, then hiring an experienced technician to assist you is a good idea.

Never Opening Your Windows Can Create Problems

Some people think that letting air in from outdoors can create indoor air quality issues. In reality, even a few minutes of fresh air can do wonders for your indoor air quality. By opening your windows on occasion, you can flush dust out of your home.

Don’t Burn Scented Candles in Rooms That Are Closed Off

For most people, keeping a clean and tidy home is a priority. Using scented candles to make the inside of your home smell good can be beneficial. However, if you are burning scented candles in rooms that are closed off, you can release lots of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air in your home. While some VOCs are harmless, others can be harmful to your lungs. This is why you need to burn these candles in areas that are well ventilated.

If you are currently making any of the mistakes mentioned here, it is time to make some changes.