Current Interior Paint Trends

Are you thinking of selling your home soon? Painting your home’s interior could boost your return on investment by 107%. You could earn a $2,001 increase in value as a result.

Even if you’re not selling soon, following the latest interior paint trends can help your home pop. You can impress your guests and love the home you live in.

Not sure what everyone is doing this year? Here are four interior painting options to consider for 2022.

Following the most popular interior painting styles will help you stand out from the crowd. Grab a brush and start painting with these trends today!

1. Pull From Nature

As you search for interior painting inspiration, consider pulling from nature. For example, you might want to use the 2022 Color the Year, Evergreen Fog SW 9130.

This hue of green is sophisticated, yet stunning. It’s subtle while creating a statement as well. You can use this hue for both exterior and interior painting.

Evergreen Fog can freshen up any space. It’s neutral and blends well with other accents and materials. You use a mix of natural-looking textiles with this color to create depth.

It also pairs well with champagne gold, inky blank, warm brass, or other metals.

Look for other nature-inspired hues, too. In fact, you can create an entire palette based on hues found in nature. Consider using a soothing blue or blue-green shade as well.

2. Lean on Nostalgia

If you’re not a fan of green, consider using more nostalgic hues. Nostalgia is becoming a popular style, inspiring trends like “cottagecore” and “grandmillennial.”

You can use nostalgic hues to pull from your past while modernizing any living space. Consider using old photos as a source of inspiration, too.

Otherwise, you can use these services to start applying these future styles to your own home.

3. Designate Space by Color

As you begin your interior painting project, consider using color to designate different spaces. For example, you can create a space for work, play, and rest. Designating space by color can help you make the most of your living space.

Consider using this tool to easily visualize these future styles within your own home.

Try to look for mood-boosting hues as well. Designate spaces for play and creativity using the right palettes.

4. Use White Well

As you use these interior painting trends, consider how you’re using white within your home. White can give any space a clean, classy finish.

For example, you can use white shades to help a kitchen look clean, on-trend, and timeless.

Consider adding a splash of color to your cabinets. Pulling from nature white citrus hues and pops of green can liven up your kitchen, too. Use colors that are refreshing and lively.

Get a Fresh Coat: 4 Interior Paint Trends for 2022

Following the latest interior paint trends can help your home stand out from the crowd. Consider following these popular styles in 2022. Keeping track of future styles will ensure your home remains on-trend year-round.

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