How to Hang a Frameless Mirror in a Bathroom?

A frameless mirror is a sleek and elegant addition to any room of the house and can match many types of décor as it blends in seamlessly. One of the most essential fixtures for every bathroom is a mirror and its choice always needs some consideration.

Top reasons for using a frameless wall mirror in a bathroom

There are many reasons why most people opt to use frameless mirrors in a bathroom over framed ones. These advantages include:

How to Hang a Frameless Mirror in a Bathroom

1. Enhances small spaces

Enhances small spaces

Even the tiniest bathroom can benefit from a frameless mirror because it creates the illusion of a bigger space as it reflects light and space. Click here to buy the best quality frameless square wall mirrors of your need.

2. Better lighting

Better lighting

Everyone likes a bathroom with plenty of light, sometimes that a framed mirror is at a disadvantage to create, but a frameless mirror can.

Hanging a mirror opposite a window will help to reflect even more light, brightening up a dark bathroom. Even you can install the lights behind the mirror as well.

3. Adapt a Design for a Modern look

Adapt a Design for Modern look

If you want to give your bathroom a modern look, you can choose a large frameless mirror. However, the beauty of these types of mirrors is that they can cleverly be adapted to all kinds of designs and looks. They can also be hung in groupings for effect.

4. Custom cut options

Custom cut options

Whether you have a huge or tiny bathroom, frameless mirrors can be cut into any shape to match your space. Frameless mirrors are made from toughened glass because they won’t have a frame and offer delicacy and resilience and can be fit in easily in any space. Visit here If you’re looking to buy the best quality custom rectangle mirror stuff.

5. Easier to install

Easier to install

Since they have fewer components, fixing a frameless mirror to a bathroom wall is always much easier.

6. Maintenance and hygiene

Maintenance and hygiene

Framed mirrors are difficult to clean and germs and mold can easily form around them. Usually made with wood or steel, both these materials are sensitive to heat and moisture and they can rust, corrode or warp. This means that you need more effort to maintain them and will need to replace them often.

Going frameless offers better bathroom hygiene as you can clean the entire surface of the mirror in a few easy motions. Also Read – DIY Kitchen Island With Seating Plan & Cost

DIY frameless hanging procedure

Frameless mirrors can be hung with mounting clips or attached with adhesive. Most bought frameless mirrors come with their clips and instructions, but if not here is how to hang one with clips.

Hanging a frameless mirror with clips

You will need:

  • Clips for a smaller mirror
  • J-channels or Z-clips for larger mirrors
  • Level
  • Power drill and correctly sized drill bits
  • Screwdriver
  • Wall anchors
  • Pencil

Step 1

Find the desired position

Find the desired position and place the mirror against the wall. With a pencil, make a mark around its four corners. Carefully place the mirror down. You might need help with this step.

Step 2

Use the level to draw straight lines where you will place the top and bottom edges of the mirror. Remember: the bubbles in the level must be between the two black center lines.

Step 3

Use sandpaper to get the wall even

If the wall is uneven, it may cause the mirror to shatter, so use sandpaper or a sander to get the wall even. To test for bumpiness, use a yardstick or straight piece of wood and if it rocks back and forth as you slide it along the wall, you will know that it needs to be smoothed.

Step 4

Locate the studs

Locate the studs, the wooden support beams behind interior walls, and mark the outside edges of each stud where you plan to mount the mirror. This can be done with a stud finder or by tapping the wall; the stud sounds hollow. Prefer a mirror position where at least one stud is present.

Step 5

Find the recommended area where you will place the bottom clips and with a pencil mark where the screw will be placed for each clip. The bottom edge of the clip must align with the line that you drew for the bottom mirror edge and the markings, depending on the clips, will be about ½ inch to 1 inch above it.

Step 6

Drill the pilot holes

Drill the pilot holes with the power drill and install the bottom clips. If the holes don’t fall on a stud, insert a plastic wall anchor flush into the wall with a hammer. Screw each bottom clip into one pilot hole.

Step 7

With the level, draw a vertical line from each bottom clip to the top line marking that you made earlier. The top edge of the clip must be lined to this point. Mark the position of the pilot hole and again it will have the same spacing as the ones at the bottom.

Step 8

Unscrew the top clip

Drill the pilot holes following the same procedure as the bottom ones. Now, unscrew the top clip, it consists of two parts. Screw the larger piece into place.

Step 9

Rest the glass against the wall

The mirror can now be slid into the bottom clips and carefully tilted until it rests against the wall. Fit the remaining top clip pieces into the top brackets and screw them carefully until the mirror is in place, but not too tightly.

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