Interior Design Services – Creating a Cohesive Look Throughout Your Home

Cohesive design is the key to creating a beautiful, inviting home. Although people have varying tastes, creating a cohesive design in a room is possible by utilizing common elements such as color, texture, and visual connections.

After the initial consultation, online interior designers will deliver concept designs via photorealistic 3D renderings like three-dimensional dining environments Boston, MA, and 2D space planning floor plans. Some services will include furniture in their package, while others offer a furniture-only option called room lift.

Color Schemes

A consistent color scheme can create harmony in your home and make it more inviting.

When it comes to color schemes, choosing a monochromatic one can be very effective. This means using different shades of just one color. You can create a harmonious and relaxing look by adding variations like tints, tones, and shades. It’s an easy scheme to execute.

Another option is an analogous color scheme, which uses three colors adjacent to each other on the color wheel. This can also be very harmonious and calming. Complementary color schemes, on the other hand, use opposite colors and are a bit more high-contrast. These can be more vibrant and energetic. Ultimately, the best way to find a cohesive color scheme is to work with an experienced interior designer.


Cohesive design is all about having a visual flow from room to room. This means having a design theme, color scheme, decor, and furniture that complement each other in a way that makes the home feel unified. It’s one thing to have a beautiful dining room and living room, but another to transition into each other without feeling like identical twin rooms.

Online interior design services provide a variety of design packages. Some offer furniture included with their service, while others leave the purchasing and installation up to the customer. Most services have various design styles, but some specialize in specific types of spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms.


Lighting is key to a unified look in homes with open floor plans or where rooms connect through large openings. Similar styles of light fixtures help to create a visual link between spaces, even when the color scheme is very different from one room to the next.

Another way to tie together multiple rooms is to use a common element in each room, such as a unique fixture, a geometric rug, or some other design detail. This trick can work well for those who want to maintain their style while creating a cohesive space.

Finally, incorporating natural elements throughout the home can help to make the space feel unified and connected. For example, using wooden accents and bringing in greenery can add a touch of continuity to different areas of the home without making the rooms look the same. In addition, choosing lighting with a neutral shade, such as a soft dove gray or off-white, can also help the rooms look related.


Accessories are another great way to create a cohesive look in your home. Choosing a decorative theme and sticking to it can create a visually appealing aesthetic throughout your home. This could be a color scheme, pattern, or texture repeated in multiple spaces. It could also be a specific design element incorporated into different rooms, like a chair or wall art.

Many online interior design services streamline the process of getting a cohesive home design by taking a style quiz, uploading photos of your space, and providing one-on-one consultations. They then provide custom designs presented as a floorplan, mood board, or 3D renderings with furniture and decor recommendations that you can shop online with designer discounts. They can also help with complex renovation projects by organizing furniture ordering and delivery and overseeing contractors and fabricators.