6 Critical Things to Consider When Removing Trees

While trees are essential in our environment, they can seldom be bothersome to neighboring properties. This is usually due to their size, excessive damage to branches, large roots coming out from the ground, and many more. That’s why some people tend to choose tree removal as a solution.

However, removing a tree can be a hassle and needs a lot of consideration. If you make any wrong decisions in removing one on your property, there might be costly consequences. It is much better to consult professionals or avail trusted services.

Aside from that, you will also have to consider these critical things when removing trees on your property to avoid further problems.

Critical Things to Consider When Removing Trees

Distance of the Tree to Any Structures

Before you start removing the tree, you need to consider the tree’s distance to any structures around the place. These structures can be your house, neighbors, or any establishment that might be affected when the tree is successfully removed.

You also need to know if there are limbs near the roof of those structures. If they are just the small and short ones, you can cut them down. But if they are huge and heavy, you consider calling a professional already. You will not be able to carry those due to their size and weight.

Distance is an essential thing to consider. Any property damage caused by this tree removal can be economically stressful since you will have to pay for all of the damages, if ever. And nobody wants that to happen.

Inform Your Neighbor About the Tree Removal

Even if the tree you are planning to remove belongs to your property, you may also inform your neighbor about this tree removal, especially if its branches are hanging on your neighbor’s property already. You may ask permission from them since they can be affected by the mess of the removal.

On the brighter side, this can be advantageous to you as well. Trees with a trunk diameter of 36’+ costs $2,020 or more. Your neighbor might agree that you share the expenses if you consult them since the tree removal can be beneficial to them too. You are also avoiding yourself any liabilities of possible damages to your neighbor’s property.

Check for Underground Power Lines

It is highly possible that there are buried cables and pipes underground for electric or water purposes around your place. This is most common in urban areas. This is extremely important because working around power lines with live electricity and water can be life-threatening.

In most scenarios, the roots of the tree are entangled with the electrical pipes and cables. They might also get blocked by those things underground, making the tree removal more challenging to finish. Pushing the tree to get removed while the wires are still there can result in further damage.

You can check for buried cables in your area. For doing that, you may use an underground cable locator or avail of other services for this specific task.

Find Out if You Are Targeting a Heritage Tree

There are some places where heritage tree law exists, like California, Utah, Colombia, and many more. This particular act aims to protect the old trees in the area from being trimmed, removed, and cut down without any permission from the state or country. Violating this law may cost you huge fines.

Usually, a heritage tree has a 100-inch circumference and more at its trunk. But other tree species are protected no matter what, regardless of the size. Thus, be aware of the laws in your area about cutting down trees, especially the heritage ones.

License of the Person or the Company

We always have to make sure that we are not dealing with any illegal or unlawful transactions at any service we avail. We may put ourselves in danger if we overlook these legal things. You ask for the license number of the workman and company every time at any kind of service.

Removing a tree is a seriously dangerous job and takes a lot of skills to execute the work properly. You will need a professional and licensed person to do this neatly and with all safety. The company you are planning to contact must also have its license to ensure everything is lawfully grounded.

The Disposal of the Tree Debris

Tree removal leaves a lot of debris and waste around the area. The problem is, where will you throw those things away? Well, there are few things on disposal of those tree removal wastes.

You can actually burn those woods or keep them as firewoods. If you do not need firewood, the other people might do; you can sell those wastes. But if the tree is massive in size, you may rent a dumpster. For the last resort, contact professionals for disposal. But sometimes, the tree removal services include disposal. Also Read – Tree Leaf Identification By Leaf And Size

Final Thoughts

Trees are a great help to our environment. But sometimes, they can be hazardous as well. They may damage a lot of properties during calamities like cyclones and earthquakes. You may get hurt from the roots coming out of the ground. The tall ones can already reach the dangerous power lines. Consider getting them removed when necessary.